20 years of experience guarantees my professional services in customer care. I am an entrepreneur with wishing to help. And I want to help you as soon as possible.

“I understand and defend that customers deserve the best. Customer care does not end with a completed job. Unfortunately many companies and freelancers seem not to have it so clear.”

Marcos Castellano

Marcos Castellano



About me

I have created many initiatives and ideas in which I have participated just for fun, to bring information to other people so they can enjoy each of these things the same way I do. I have shut down many of them either when they achieved their goal or they did not. All of them have contributed to be what I am today. But I am loyal to certain memories and that is why I still have my first online: laignoranciamata.net.

After more than 20 years aqcuiring experience in the world of customer service and tourism it was time to do what I always wanted: To offer my professional services to all those who have the need to improve, either for pleasure or for necessity.

My first projects started already at age 21, although with less involvement. In 2013 I finally decided to thrww caution to the wind and started this amazing journey parallel to my work as an employee. I have not always gotten things right. I’m human and I’ve screwed up sometimes. But many others my work has paid off. All this makes that I can enjoy life, making the most of the time possible and helping those who are willing to receive my help.

I am here. And I want to help you as soon as possible.

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Tomorrow does not exist.

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Tomorrow does not exist