Simple, in all aspects

So simple and so deep, it is a true reflection of what we offer and we do with passion down to the smallest detail.

And we have no marketing department. Amazing!

Simple logo

So simple that anyone can understand it. Because we like to make things simple and easy to understand. Why should we complicate things?

Three basic services, three bands with different intensities.
The dark tonality marks the starting point. the one which needs to be improved.
The intermediate tone marks the path of improvement with professional advice.
The clear tonality marks, with a reassuring color, the achieved excellence after the received training.
The color blue conveys importance and confidence without falling into being gloomy or sad.
The light blue and the sky blue, make us feel calm and protected.
Also applicable on black background without altering colors and order.

Clean typography

Clean and transparent. Reading well is important. And understand that everything is in sight without hiding anything.

Helvetica Neue.
Elegant, modern and clean.
Not too thin, not too thick.
It just looks good. Perfect!
Each word placed at the height of a blue stripe.
Also applicable on black background with grey typography.