Principles. Why?

Let’s get things straight.

It’s very important to us to let our customers know what we offer and what we do. Transparency is very important in our business. No cheats at all. What you see is what you get.

These are our principles

We like to be different from others. That is why we have created a list with our working principles:

1. We do not promise anything that we can not or should not fulfill.

2. We do not give rewards for you to hire us. We are going to give you the best treatment and service.

3. We always give the best price from the beginning. Bargaining does not make sense. Seriously.

4. We are always going to tell you the truth. We are not going to give you standard or politically correct answers.

5. We are normal people. Miracles are business of others.

6. We are normal people. We can make mistakes and stick to the consequences.

7. We do not have sales team or customer service. We all manage it equally. No ‘operators’ or ‘agents’ are going to give you a call.

8. We do not have Community Manager. Or rather: It’s us.

9. We also do not have a marketing department that makes cool campaigns.

10. We believe in equal rights. The client is free to accept an offer. We are free to choose you as a costumer.

11. Loyal customer and new customer have the same rights and obligations. We also have the same rights and obligations with them.

12. If you propose something to us and we think it is correct and feasible, we apply it, For real.

Do you agree to these principles?

It is what we can offer and guarantee.
If you liked it, contact us today.